On April 14, Teichert was honored by the American Road and Transportation Builders Association/Transportation Development Foundation with one of their inaugural Helping Hand Awards.  These awards are designed to “honor organizations within the transportation industry that have exceptional strategic philanthropic programs that strengthen, build, improve the quality of life and make a positive difference in their communities.” Teichert was second place in the nation for this award.

Credit for this award goes first and foremost to the Teichert employees who go out of their way to support and improve the communities where we live and work. 

So many lives are touched by what employees do “off the clock,” whether it is working for foster children, teaching little kids to read, helping Eagle Scouts with their projects, making dinners for homeless families or being a Big Brother or Big Sister. That work is appreciated by Teichert as well as by the many people who benefit from those efforts.

In addition to supporting the community with our “time and talent,” Teichert is also committed to supporting it with needed financial resources. The millions of dollars that have been awarded to non-profit organizations through the Teichert Foundation over the years were part of the criteria on which this award was based, as well.

We are proud that as a “neighbor of choice” we can hold our own among peers across the country.  That’s something our employees have earned over many years of caring about our communities, and it’s nice to have it noticed by our industry.

In accepting the award, Teichert presented an acronym – BUILD! – to highlight the benefits of service for all concerned.

B – Belonging:  on a service project, everybody’s part of the team!

U – Usefulness: Rising above the daily grind to do something priceless, like helping a little kid learn to read.

I – Influence: Studies have shown that employees prefer to work for companies that give back.  Service rounds out the skill and integrity that build community, customer and peer recognition.

L – Laughter: service projects bring out the fun side of people, often removing barriers between line and staff, labor and management.

D – Do it!  It feels great to do a project that makes a difference, rather than just griping about what’s wrong with the world.

We appreciate ARTBA for raising the profile of the community service contractors do, and do cheerfully.  It is an honor for Teichert to receive one of the inaugural Helping Hands Awards.