Teichert Employee Retirement Association (TERA)

Teichert TERA logo

Teichert is honored to have an active and engaged community of retirees. We recognize our retired employees through the Teichert Employees Retirement Association (TERA). Once employees retire from Teichert after a minimum of ten years they have the option of joining TERA. This is an open invitation available at any time after retirement. TERA membership is free for a portion of the first year following an employee’s retirement, and then annual dues are $10 per person per year.

Members get together for organized lunches with guest speakers a few times per year, have an annual picnic each June, assemble food baskets for needy families during the holidays, and go on tours — previous tours have included the Academy of Science in San Francisco, the Disney Museum at the Presidio, Sacramento Railroad Museum, CHP Academy, Boys & Girls Club and FDR’s presidential yacht, The Potomac, docked in Oakland.

Active participation in TERA is the ideal way for our retirees and their spouse to stay connected with the company, including sharing knowledge with current employees and helping maintain the family environment that Teichert employees have enjoyed for well over a century.

For questions or for more information, please call Walt Milhous at (916) 296-0414, or send him an email at wmilhous@hotmail.com.  For membership questions, please call Stephen Miller at (916) 992-3138 or send him an email at smiller.1984@att.net.