Employee Matching Grants

How to Apply

Teichert Foundation recognizes that our employees support community organizations, and the Employee Matching Grant program helps give a little extra funding to those groups.

We will match employee gifts up to $250 to give extra support to agencies our employees feel strongly about. The matching program is available three times per company fiscal year and extends to agencies that are otherwise qualified to receive Teichert Foundation grants. Please see eligibility requirements below.

  • Complete the application form
  • Attached a copy of your donation check or receipt to the completed Matching Grant Application form and send to Teichert Foundation

We will verify agency eligibility, prepare a matching donation check and send it directly to the organization with a letter indicating the source of the contribution.


  • Nonprofit organizations recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as exempt from federal income tax under IRS Section 501(c)(3) within Teichert, Inc. geographical areas of business and Teichert Foundation focus of interest are eligible.
  • Public or nonprofit private school within Teichert, Inc. geographical areas of business.
  • All full-time employees of Teichert, Inc. may apply for up to three matching grants totaling $250 per company fiscal year for up to three nonprofit organizations.
  • While each employee may apply for three matching grants per fiscal year, more than one employee may apply for grant funds for the same organization.
  • Some employees organize teams to raise money for charities such as breast cancer and leukemia. With prior approval, contributions from Teichert employees up to $250 will be matched and do not count against the annual match.
  • Donations up to $250 made to Big Day of Giving and disaster relief will be matched and do not count against the annual match.

What we Won’t Match

Organizations and activities that do not qualify for employee matching grant funds:

  • Political groups
  • Fraternal, social or service clubs
  • Religious groups, except for nonsectarian social service activities such as senior centers or church sponsored housing projects

Because Teichert Foundation is a nonprofit agency, it is important that the donation be truly charitable and involve no monetary or other benefit for the donor or for Teichert. For instance, discounted admission tickets, tuition considerations or other donor benefits that might be offered to a Teichert employee or relation cannot be accepted as part of the matching donation.

How it Works

  • Matching Grant applications may be sent in at any time during the year and are processed one time per month.
  • Only complete applications for qualified agencies will be processed.
  • Employees will receive written confirmation of the matching donations, usually within a few weeks.
  • Download the guidelines and matching grant form here