Recognition Opportunity Communication (ROC)

ROC logo

The purpose of (ROC) is to develop relationships among a cross section of Teichert Employees, while enriching the group’s collective wisdom and natural abilities to enhance employee recognition, provide opportunities and improve communication.

ROC was originally formed in 1991. It consists of 10 to 12 Teichert employees from diverse areas, experience and background. Each member serves a four-year term (which goes very quickly) and the group usually meets twice a month.

The current group annually nominates and elects new members to replace the outgoing members. All active employees of Teichert, Inc. are eligible to participate.

The group starts off each year with a planning session to determine new projects and to work on on-going events and activities. The ROC group has executive sponsorship and support of Jud Riggs, Chairman of the Board, President and CEO of Teichert, Inc.

“The ROC group represents an opportunity to meet and get to know a variety of people from different parts of the company. The friendships formed during his time will last throughout your career at Teichert. In addition, the ROC group has developed a number of truly outstanding special projects over the years that have made a difference in the life of this company. I highly value my close relationship with the ROC group.”
– Jud Riggs, Chairman of the Board, President & CEO