Excellence in Quality

an image of any employee in the Q&A lab looking at instrument measurments

Founded in 1959, the Teichert Materials Quality Assurance Department provides professional construction quality control services for construction materials. The core asset of the Quality Assurance Department comes from our three regional Laboratories, located in Sacramento and Tracy, California and Sparks, Nevada. Each are outfitted with state-of-the-art technology and staffed by highly trained and qualified quality assurance professionals. The three regional labs and the satellite labs are certified through Caltrans’ Independent Assurance program. The regional labs are also accredited by AASHTO through AASHTO Resource and participate in their Proficiency Samples Program (PSP).

These laboratories are also accredited and approved to prepare Hot Mix Asphalt mix designs, conduct Hot Mix Asphalt, Aggregate, and Soils testing. In addition to the Central Laboratory, Teichert owns and operates a network of permanent plants, portable plants, and mobile field laboratories certified by Caltrans to conduct Portland Cement Concrete, Hot Mix Asphalt, and Aggregate testing. The Sacramento location undergoes CCRL lab inspections and participates in their PSP. The Sacramento lab prepares Portland Cement (PC) Concrete mix designs and to conduct PC Concrete and aggregate testing.

Many of our Quality Assurance Department staff members have leadership roles in industry and serve on joint industry-agency technical committees. Staff members possess certifications through the Caltrans Joint Training Program (JTCP), ACI, NICET, and NAQTC to conduct Concrete, Hot Mix Asphalt, Aggregate, Soil laboratory, and field testing. Several members serve as examiners and trainers in the local chapter of the American Concrete Institute (ACI) certification program, as well. Staff members’ participation in local, state and national Industry associations, national and international code, standards and specification development organizations, and local and state joint industry-agency committees provide us with the ability to utilize the most current quality assurance testing equipment, methods and procedures.